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How to Sell Knife Collection to Us

It's Simple! Just tell us what you have. Of course, the hardest part of our job is making a sight-unseen bid for your Knife Collection. But we have been at this for so long we have got it down to a science. There are a few key facts we must know in order to make a fair and realistic offer for your Knife Collection (without seeing them first). Here's what you will need to do:


1. Who made it? (For example: CASE or KA-BAR)

2. Is it in its original box?

3. What is the PATTERN or SERIAL NUMBER? (this is usually stamped on the blade or is on the box end)

4. Is it a FOLDING KNIFE or FIXED BLADE KNIFE? (Pocket Knives are also known as FOLDING KNIVES)

5. How old is it? (if you see a date, let us know, if not, don't sweat it)

6. What kind of shape is it in? (Mint in Box or rusty, crusty and rotten? Collectors are picky and we need to know - condition is EVERYTHING!)

7. Once you have made your list, go to our QUICK QUOTE FORM

What else do you buy?

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